Naked Bible Animations

I’ve had the opportunity to create animations for biblical scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser. Dr. Heiser regularly posts videos of long and detailed lectures on Youtube. While nerds like me are interested in full length lectures, the general public has a much shorter attention span. So I approached Dr. Heiser with the idea of condensing some of his content into five minute animations.

The typical process involves me digesting Dr. Heiser’s materiel and writing a script. I often create a rough story board for myself. Dr. Heiser makes corrections to the script and records narration. When I get the narration back I illustrate and animate.

This project has given me a new respect for writing scripts. Since this is a project done in my spare time I need to manage time carefully. That means illustrating only what is needed to get the point across. Every sentence in the script needs to be planned so that a visual can accompany it without a bunch of animation that is only there for filler.

This has been a very rewarding project, both because of what I’ve learned about the Bible and what I’ve learned professionally.