3 Reasons B to B Companies Need Social Media

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It’s easy to see why businesses that market directly to consumers need social media. It’s a direct way to get timely promotions in front of a target audience. But why would a manufacturer, paper converter or construction company spend time and effort posting on social sites? B to B companies don’t see a lot of value in social media, especially when most of Facebook is filled with posts like, “I’m eating a taco!” But there are good reasons for B to B businesses to have a healthy social presence.

1. Brand Awareness

B to B companies can fall into the trap of thinking they have nothing to offer on social media since they don’t run promotions like B to C companies. But the majority of advertising isn’t about promotions; it’s about brand awareness. Imagine seeing a red and white billboard with the Coca Cola logo and nothing else. Why would the soda giant pay for a billboard with no message? They do it simply to reinforce their brand.

Social media can be used to put your logo, colors, tag line and other branding in front of a ton of eyeballs. Tell them what you do. Then tell them again. Tell people so much that when they think of your industry they immediately imagine your business. The key is having something to say that people will care about. How do you do that without promotions? Read on.

2. Public Relations

A lot of companies are proud of the fact that they are involved in the community. Many businesses sponsor events and donate hefty amounts to charity. You can try to get noticed for your efforts through traditional means like newspaper articles. But why not tell your community directly through social media?

If you sponsor a Little League team, don’t just hang a team picture in your lobby. Use your Facebook page to become the team’s cheerleader! If you donate money to a local shelter, turn it into a community event. Use social media to tell your community you’ll match donations. Or, post on the social pages of other businesses challenging them to donate with you. If your business sponsors a new performing arts center, don’t just settle for a mention at the ribbon cutting. Post regular articles and reviews about the performances to your social outlets.

3. Recruiting

Every company wants good employees. Many companies brag about their benefits to attract the best applicants. And many companies claim to be a “fun” place to work. Don’t just claim it. Show people!

If you have fun events at your business take photos and show the world! If you recognize outstanding employees on your team, don’t just hang an employee-of-the-month picture on the wall. Post it on online. If outstanding employees have LinkedIn accounts, ask the CEO to publicly endorse them. Do you have a kick-butt employee lounge? Post photos of your amenities online.

The new generation of workers grew up online. They are used to forming opinions about companies through social media. If you want the best team, a simple job posting won’t cut it.

All three of these reasons to participate in social media are connected by a fact. They are things you already do offline. Every successful business understands it needs to build a brand, handle public relations and attract a quality team. Many businesses have been doing these things in traditional ways, but struggle to make the transition to social media. However, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. You just need a plan.

Directions Marketing can help you create a content calendar for your social outlets. We can teach you how to get in the habit of documenting all the good things about your business so they can be presented online. We can even help you create custom content such as YouTube videos. Let us help you become a social company.